Assessment #3: Short Essay Question

Do you think companies can succeed if they don’t have detailed job descriptions? Explain your answer, either for or against.

Companies can still succeed even without detailed job descriptions. Job descriptions state what the worker does, how they do it, and the working conditions. But, it is not the principal factor behind a company’s success. A job description does not necessarily need to be detailed. Modern organizations may use employees flexibly and per their abilities than the specific job they were initially employed to do. Such can be hard to include in a job description.

Firstly, a company does not need a detailed job description to get top candidates. The internet has simplified the hiring process by helping candidates understand easily what a job entails. Also, top employees don’t need a detailed job description to explore opportunities within a company. A splash page with a summary of job facts is all a company needs to generate interest. The best companies focus on sustainability through innovation. Having a detailed job description can be a way to discourage managers from thinking or innovating. Additionally, it is not a predictor of on-the-job performance because a person can possess all the requirements for the position but fail to achieve the desired results.

A detailed job description has many limitations. People can do the same task differently, so understanding the essence of that flexibility in a job description is crucial for success. The quality of the job description also depends on the writing skills and personal perceptions of those preparing it (Cushway, 2008, p. 4). It is critical when such documents guide the evaluation process. Some organizations are eliminating job descriptions because keeping them updated has become a burden, and job roles are changing too fast to keep up. Companies such as Spotify, Buurtzorg, and others work without job descriptions (Andersson, 2020). Finally, job descriptions can prevent startups from making a connection with a critical hire and fortifying the brand message (Peretz, 2018). Therefore, I think companies can be successful without detailed job descriptions.


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