Corporate Training program – Assignment

Read Chapter 15 in Applied Psychology in Talent Management.
Your boss has asked you to design an effective training program. Using the course materials and any additional resources, identify how you would include the following:Key characteristics of organizations
Key characteristics of individuals
Learning and individual differences
Principles that enhance learningSupport your response with at least one scholarly resource in addition to the text.

Training and Development Considerations in Design

Key characteristics of organizations

The training program must include role objectives, a clear schedule that trainees follow, organizational goals, and the expected outcomes. The program should be the key to the company’s management practice, guiding HR functionalities, such as recruitment, selection, and employee compensation (Bulut & Culha, 2010). There must be a systematic process to develop and improve trainees’ skills, knowledge, and behavior to perform their duties, accomplish tasks and meet the quality requirements of the organization. The learners should understand the intention of the training and its significance in matching the organization’s culture and needs. It should offer trainees the required comfort and motivation to participate and get motivated to engage and learn as much as they can to support the organization’s mission.

Key characteristics of individuals

Trainees differ in many aspects. The training program needs to factor in these differences to achieve the intended outcomes. Individuals with a high potential of successfully undergoing the program often demonstrate the ability to assess and initiate things independently, be detail-oriented, and be problem solvers. They are also capable of creating good relationships with other team members. Trainability, motivation, and personality could be the crucial indicators of a successful training program. There must be a way to connect the learners with adept trainers to set the expectations right.

Learning and individual differences

The way of learning and period taken to grasp concepts differ among individuals. The learning curve for each person should guide in either increasing or decreasing learning concepts in a period. Some learners are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or experiential. It is crucial to understand individual preferences and align them with training goals to speed up the process. For example, it would be essential to have a hands-on training program for the frontline workers or job rotation when readying an employee for a higher position.

Principles that enhance learning

The goal-setting principle would be necessary for the training program. An individual that wants to develop will do anything possible to achieve that. It is different from someone else unwilling to get involved in the training but is doing so for its sake. Motivation is, therefore, a crucial factor. It is vital to set expectations and goals of the organizations for the trainee. The manager should understand the trainee’s current goals as required. It could help prepare a training program that does not stress employees. Instead, it should help them achieve their full potential. The program must have follow-ups and feedback. Trainees should have the opportunity to speak their minds about its effectiveness, and the trainers should know whether the method is working. It should strengthen employees’ skills for improvement and help the organization achieve its objectives.

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Bulut, C., & Culha, O. (2010). The effects of organizational training on organizational commitment. International Journal of Training and Development14(4), 309-322.

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