Interpersonal communication and skills

A list of interpersonal skills

  • *Verbal Communication – What we say and how we say it.
  • *Non-Verbal Communication – What we communicate without words, body language is an example.
  • *Listening Skills – How we interpret both the verbal and non-verbal messages sent by others.
  • *Negotiation – Working with others to find a mutually agreeable outcome.
  • *Problem Solving – Working with others to identify, define and solve problems.
  • *Decision Making – Exploring and analysing options to make sound decisions.
  • *Assertiveness – Communicating our values, ideas, beliefs, opinions, needs and wants freely.

Encoding messages

All messages must be encoded into a form that can be conveyed by the communication channel chosen for the message. We all do this every day when transferring abstract thoughts into spoken words or a written form. However, other communication channels require different forms of encoding, e.g. text written for a report will not work well if broadcast via a radio programme, and the short, abbreviated text used in text messages would be inappropriate if sent via a letter. Complex data may be best communicated using a graph or chart or other visualization.

Strong interpersonal skillsA person who is able to communicate, work in a group, and has a pleasant personality
Verbal CommunicationWhat we say and how we say it
Non-Verbal CommunicationCommunication without words, such as body language
Listening SkillsInterpreting verbal and non-verbal messages sent by others
NegotiationWorking with others to find a mutually agreeable outcome
Problem SolvingWorking with others to identify, define, and solve problems
Decision MakingExploring and analyzing options to make sound decisions
AssertivenessCommunicating values, ideas, beliefs, opinions, needs, and wants freely
RelaxStay calm, make eye contact, and smile when stress levels are high
ClarifyAsk questions and seek clarification to avoid misunderstandings
Be PositiveMaintain a positive attitude to attract others
EmpathizeUnderstand different perspectives and gain respect and trust
Working in groupsLearn about different types of groups and teams
NegotiationEffectively negotiate with others for mutual respect and trust
CommunicationTransfer of information from one place to another
Spoken or Verbal CommunicationFace-to-face, telephone, radio, TV, and other media
Non-Verbal CommunicationBody language, gestures, appearance, and scent
Written CommunicationLetters, emails, books, magazines, internet, and other media
VisualizationsGraphs, charts, maps, logos, and other visual aids
Encoding messagesConverting messages into a form suitable for communication channels
Decoding messagesUnderstanding and interpreting received messages
Interpersonal communicationFace-to-face communication involving verbal and non-verbal messages
Elements of personal communicationCommunicators, message, noise, feedback, context, and channel
Uses of interpersonal communicationGiving and collecting information, influencing attitudes and behavior, forming contacts and relationships, expressing needs, giving/receiving emotional support, making decisions, and regulating power
AssertivenessFreely communicating ideas and opinions
Problem SolvingWorking effectively with others to solve problems
Decision MakingExploring and analyzing options to make sound decisions
Listening SkillsAccurately interpreting verbal and non-verbal messages
NegotiationFinding solutions in conflicting situations
Verbal CommunicationCommunication using words
Non-Verbal CommunicationCommunication without words
Messages EncodingConverting messages for transmission through specific channels
Messages DecodingUnderstanding and interpreting received messages
Elements of personal communicationCommunicators, message, noise, feedback, context, and channel
Tips for ImprovementIdentify areas for improvement, focus on basic communication skills, work on personal and social skills, apply skills in specific situations, reflect on progress
Benefits of Interpersonal SkillsEffective communication, expanding opportunities, social awareness, client satisfaction, building trust, effective leadership
Ways to Improve Interpersonal SkillsListen, be positive, empathize, understand stress, be assertive

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