Training Program for New Supervisors


This presentation will cover the training
program overview,
focused on improving the understanding of
employee performance appraisal concepts.
The main topics include the necessity of training needs assessment, the
training coordination, cost
& design, financial and human resources
required, as well as individual responsibilities.
By the end of this training, every supervisor should have a better understanding of
performance appraisal
process to perform their supervisory duties effectively.

Strategic training needs analysis: It is necessary to identify the behaviors, skills, and training that employees will need to fill new future jobs in the organization.
Current training needs analysis: Supervisors should be able to improve current performance, particularly for new employees and those whose performance is deficient (Dessler, 2019).
Thus, we assess training needs:
● To make more effective training programs,
● To prioritize training needs,
● To streamline solution development (Lacerenza et al., 2017).

When: The training will run for a period of one hour every Wednesday and Friday for the first six months unless there is a change in schedule.
Where: To the extent possible, classroom training should be offered in the headquarters’ offices or in the subsidiaries located within a driving distance.
Audience: It will include all new supervisors and those who will have shown performance deficiency in their supervisory role previously.
Financial and Human Resources
The budget of $500 per session will cover the direct and indirect training costs. The budget will be distributed to the following categories of expenses:
• Initial briefing about the training program
• Training delivery
• Training materials
• Staff time
• Instructor fee
• Ongoing training (upkeep)
• Contingencies

What is the definition of performance appraisal?
What is the difference between performance appraisal and performance management?
What are performance appraisal methods?
Why should we appraise our employees?

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