McDonald’s Competitive Priority Cost as a Strategic Advantage

As the changing business environment force firms to respond effectively, one of the challenges they face is gaining and developing a competitive advantage. According to Lee and Yoo (2021), competitive advantage refers to the extent to which an organization can assume a defensible position over its competitors. Entities can use competitive priorities to create, develop … Read more

Week 6 Discussion 1 and 2

Why is foreign investment so different from domestic investment? Foreign investment involves the transfer of funds from one nation to another and the ownership of shares or stakes in a company by foreigners (Hanemann et al., 2020). Individuals, businesses, and institutions can all participate in foreign investment, a stimulus for economic growth. Domestic investment, on … Read more

Initial Public Offering (IPO): Assignment

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a Dutch Auction to a traditional underwriting method for an IPO. Dutch auctions have the potential to benefit companies, whereas the traditional underwriting for an IPO tends to benefit the initial investors more. With a Dutch auction, there is an optimization of up-front earnings for the company by … Read more

Securities Assignment

Discuss the evolution of the securities markets, including the impact of the NASDAQ, CME, ECNs, and foreign exchanges. The securities market is a digital or physical marketplace where individuals and firms can trade the financial securities of publicly traded companies. The market forces of demand and supply determine the price of such securities. The Dutch … Read more

Business 629 Week 1 Disc 1

Ethical behavior can be viewed at a personal level, as well as a corporate level. In business, personal ethics is often tied to the agency theory and at the corporate level tied to corporate social responsibility.For this paper: First, identify one real-life example of personal(healthcare finance) ethics and one real-life example of corporate social responsibility … Read more

Week 6 Disc Questions

Access Ulta’s company quarterly financial statements (10-Q) for the past two quarters on EDGAR, which is available on the web page• Prepare a balance sheet and income statement horizontal analysis for the last two quarters.• Prepare a balance sheet and income statement vertical analysis for the last two quarters.• Prepare a liquidity analysis by … Read more

Week 6 Discussion 1 and 2

Using The Children’s place and it’s annual reports Prepare a comparative balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows, and perform a horizontal analysis of the company’s balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows for the most recent 2 years. Identify at least one significant change (increase or decrease) from one year … Read more

Week 4 Discussion 1 and 2

Using The Children’s Place Inc., and their annual reports. Calculate the current ratio and quick ratio for the latest two years, obtain the industry average ratios from the Mergent Online database, which allows you to do industry comparison.• Discuss what each of these ratios tells you about the company’s current financial condition, and how they … Read more

Week 3 Discussion 1 and 2

1. Discuss how can management control cash. Your discussion should include what tools management may use to control cash.2. Using The Children’s place, Inc’s annual financial statements from disclose the company’s cash balance, and discuss if you believe the company has too much or too little cash. Be sure to support your opinions with … Read more

Week 6 Discussion 1 and 2

Week 6 D 1 For the country of NEW ZEALAND Discuss how comparative analysis, trade restrictions, tariffs, and exchange rates of New Zealand will impact the business decision to expand there. You need to take these macroeconomic concepts and apply them directly to the Walmart expansion decision. Considering the topics you have studied throughout this … Read more