Psychology Assignment – 001

Question 1: Name two good results that come out of conflict within groups.

First, conflict can stimulate group members to exert more effort and to work hard. In a conflict situation, each group member seeks to use their abilities, skills, and talents constructively (Hussein & Al-Mamary, 2019). Secondly, conflict facilitates mutual understandings of the issues among group members, resulting in better coordination among people. Group members could end up building strong relationships and unities in the course of arguments and debates on their needs and interests. Thirdly, conflict can discourage premature group decision-making. In the course of making decisions, the participants end up discovering the needs and issues when they are sought.

Question 2: If a lawyer calls your boss and asks you to give them information about your client, you should do what and why?

Confidentiality is a respected part of psychology’s code of ethics (Legal and Regulatory Affairs Staff, 2005). Hence, it is necessary to understand the limits regarding revealing confidential information about a client. The first step would be to consult a personal lawyer. I would not seek to accept the demands without knowing what the law stipulates regarding the case. I would seek legal protection against any retaliation from my boss emanating from my refusal to share any private information about my client. I also would check to see if the psychological association has pertinent information on the case. If the information requested is not categorized as confidential or under my obligation to protect and keep private, I would share it. Otherwise, I would inform the boss that the information can be shared only under certain legal circumstances. That is, assessing whether it is right to break confidentiality. Having a conversation with the boss could offer a chance to explain and get more feedback on what is needed and why. If the boss persists and keeps pressuring me with the demands, I could consider resigning my position and raising claims with the government and relevant associations. Doing so would help prevent similar happenings in the future where clients’ information gets channeled to unauthorized people without their consent.

Question 3: At the termination of group activities, is it ethical to give each of the group members tickets to a Ravens game

No, it is not ethical. The termination stage is the final stage in group therapy. It is a crucial stage in counseling because how it ends can impact the client’s view of their experience in counseling and the possibility of practicing what they learned after sessions have concluded. But, there can be different causes of termination. Forced termination occurs where the therapy is not accomplished as planned. There is also client-initiated termination and counselor-initiated termination. Awarding the group members tickets to a Ravens game when the termination happens because of these three causes would be unethical because such would often seem like positive reinforcement. Additionally, it would be better to give such tickets in the earlier stages of group therapy to build togetherness and help members see each other as an extended family.

Question 4: To form an effective group, you need at least three members, please explain your answer.

False. The effectiveness of a group is not solely dependent on the number of members. Even if so, a therapist can have two members in group therapy. Among the factors that influence a group’s effectiveness include but are not limited to the ability to convey information, model positive behavior of others, cohesion between members, equality, and several other factors. Additionally, the therapist can measure the group’s effectiveness only near or at the end of the session.

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