The Impact of Technology on People’s Productivity

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The Impact of Technology on People’s Productivity

Technology is the most significant part of everyday life. People use technology to complete previously-manual tasks. On a personal level, technology is helping increase the rate of work while enabling the performance of jobs faster and more efficiently than before. Yet, there are drawbacks because sometimes it can take up time set for essential things. In the workplace, technology is evident in automation and other processes. Still, it has significant limitations. This essay highlights how technology makes people more or less productive.

Technology makes people more productive through automation capabilities, improving time management, and creating more open communication. Trading through digitized data, information, and knowledge requires information and communication technologies. Technology enables people to do things better and faster with more control, coordination, and collaboration on activities with less cost (Cascio and Montealegre 351). People can access information easily from remote places because of technology. Take, for instance, two years ago when the COVID-19 pandemic led to the shutdown of most workplaces. Through technology, companies kept their workers productive from their homes. “Businesses can link their customer relationship management system with enterprise resource planning system to facilitate and increase the productivity of sellers” (Soto-Acosta 6). Thus, technology increases people’s productivity.

Technology has notable limitations for people, causing a decline in their productivity. It is possible to spend so much time on the internet or a smartphone, depriving them of time for productive activities. More than 90% of people waste between 15%-40% of their workday because of technologies (Rodriguez). I spend so much time on my cell phone that sometimes it makes me lazy and hinders me from doing some things manually. For instance, even with a simple calculation, I still prefer the calculator on my smartphone. While traveling, I might have to take out my phone and take pictures instead of enjoying the moment. I may sometimes use my cell phone in moments when I shouldn’t be using it. Generally, technology is good but still makes people eliminate vital things from their schedules intentionally and unintentionally. It is beneficial, but not without critical drawbacks in our lives.

Technology will remain part of everyone’s life, making them more productive in some aspects and less productive in others. It has brought so many benefits to personal life and our workplaces. With automation and better communication, people can accomplish things faster and cheaply. However, it could be disadvantageous by taking time meant for more productive activities in life. Undoubtedly, with moderation, people can see its benefits and continue to enjoy the revolution it has brought.

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